by COCO DECROUPPE, ACC, BA, Communications trainer & coach, author 


Set boundaries to connect. 

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& the Soccer Field Model

by Coco Decrouppé, 2016

Paperback, Kindle

Language: English, 233 pages

$14.97; EUR 14,95;


Set boundaries to connect.

A systemic approach for everyone


THE SOCCER FIELD MODEL is a simple and innovative communication strategy by trainer & coach, author Coco Decrouppe. Leaders count on „Think Soccer Field“-strategy to stay focused in heated or challenging business discussions. The analogy of a soccer field makes it easy to keep a bird ́s-eye view, and, at the same time, master self-, relationship, and team management. It´s a great tool to better understand and motivate your employees, and build long lasting business and private relationships! Coco Decrouppe offers "The Soccer Field"- training for organizations, or individuals in private coachings. Find out more here.


The book "The Full Potential relationship" introduces The Soccer Field Model and its strategy. It will help you to access YOUR FULL POTENTIAL in any kind of relationship! You will master the "I-YOU-WE" balance of your PRIVATE and BUSINESS relationships, and own YOUR SIDE of the field! Explore this FUN way to respect the values of others, and at the same time trust your gut feeling and really stand up for yourself! 


We need to repeatedly “check in” with ourselves, partners, and teams to build high-potential teams. This book guides and equips you with easy tools. It shows you an extremely effective way how to find relief, balance, and growth and turn any relationship and team into a “full potential relationship/team”. 


Look at balance in your relationships from a new perspective.

First, let´s look at your relationship with YOURSELF


DOWNLOAD these free worksheets and use it in combination with the book to define your personal "10 FULL POTENTIAL RELATIONSHIP RULES":










WHO should read this book?

Female/male of any age group, who is interested in self-reflection, personal growth and living their full potential in relationships. For private and business use. Keywords: systems thinking, personal development, communication, relationships, team building, full potential, self-awareness, leadership, resilience, sustainability, mindfulness




Coco Decrouppé is a certified Leadership & Conflict Coach. She helps people around the world to live their full potential. Her approach inspires people in individual coaching online, as well as in workshops. Her training includes a degree in communication studies, coaching trainings, many travels and relocations to other countries and cultures, as well as an open mind & heart. More ....







































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