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Not because you need it ...                       because YOU WANT IT!

In INNERSTRENGTHCOACHING sessions it's all about YOU.

Your inner beauty. Your life. Your destinations. Your goals.

Your individual awareness and actions.


Your goals could be very concise, specific and namable for you.

I really want to ...

... set boundaries and learn to say "NO"

... understand me better and gain self-confidence!

... lose weight, but I can´t find the inner strength!

... get more self-esteem and confidence!

... find a good work-life balance!

... bring more joy and purpose to my life!

... !

What is it for YOU?


We will work on personalized INSTRUMENTS and TOOLS for your everyday life, to reach your goals faster and easier.


Sometimes this is not the case though. We are not always able to place a finger on the map and detect right away what the „problem“ or our DESTINATION is. To find out what buttons you need to press in your cockpit, and at that moment, we need to make sure your goals are defined and clear.


As your coach and your co-pilot, I am trained to LISTEN on several levels and SUPPORT you with specific exercises, powerful questions, concepts, and visualizations. On our imaginary helicopter flights, I will MOTIVATE you to follow your LIFE COMPASS and to make full use of your own POTENTIAL.


For you to reach your goals,  you want to make sure you look at all aspects of your life: relationships, family, work, career, personal growth, health, and more, are all interrelated areas of our life. Therefore it only makes sense to coach you on the WHOLE person.

Cockpit Coaching English, Life Coaching Online, Motivation
Cockpit Coaching Deutsch, Life Coaching Online, Motivation

      COCO DECROUPPE, ACC, BA, Communikations trainer & coach, author    

 One-on-one Coaching 

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Are you that part in you?


Are you tired of hearing one or several of these phrases and not knowing what to do with it or how to get there?


How do you "FIND YOURSELF" and really feel COMFORTABLE in your very own skin? How do you gain awareness and become more aware of your inner beautiful SELF?  Let me help you find that part in you.


How do you find a way to COPE with unexpected changes in your life?

What is really stopping you from making your next CAREER STEP? How do you find structure or ROUTINE in your life? How do you break free of OLD HABITS? How do you ENJOY life as it is toady? How do you stay focused and reach your destinations and goals? Let´s find that part in you.


I would like to meet that part in you, that´s your driving ENERGY.


INNERSTRENGTHCOACHING helps you find your inner strength, individual values and live your life purpose. All it takes for now is curiosity. I am here to help you follow your LIFE COMPASS, allow it to happen, focus on your goals, support and challenge you. It´s all already there, waiting for you to claim it!

Not because you need it ...                        because YOU WANT IT!


Coaching Online

My Relocation

RELOCATIONCOACHING  helps you enjoy your move to another city, country or continent and build your home in a new environment.


I consider myself very lucky that I have been able to travel, see different places, people and cultures! Besides that, I have relocated 11 times and have lived in each of the cities above from a few months to several years.

Every place is different; it is very exciting and broadens your horizon! Yes, often it is a big adventure and lots of fun. Other times, it´s stressful, overwhelming and ALL NEW! You may find yourself challenged by people, situations and moments that you have never ever thought of before.


Are YOU getting prepared for a MOVE to another city, country, or continent? Or are you already there, you feel like you entered a completely different world and indeed feel like an "alien” sometimes?


The great news is, there are ways to prepare and relieve the pressure that comes with a BIG CHANGE like this. I know what it takes to say good-bye to your old home and finally welcome your new home. In our imaginary cockpit, you and I will look at your PROCESS of organizing, research, packing, culture shock, finding new friends and all new challenges that you and your family might face. Allow yourself to relieve stress and reflect for 45 minutes, every two weeks, in Cockpit Coaching Session Online.

I will assist you with concepts that help you enjoy your relocation and take care of yourself. I will help you design your life the way you want it in your NEW ENVIRONMENT!

If you could take polaroids of DESTINATIONS, things, people and thoughts

that are on your mind TODAY ... What do you see?


Above you can see MY snapshots of the day. Tomorrow might look very differently. Whatever they are, they are never to judge, just to be AWARE of.


I SHARE my snapshots here with you, so you get to know a little bit about me. In Coaching sessions it will be all about YOU. As your Co-Pilot and your Coach I will assist you and hold the focus for you to reach YOUR desired destinations.



Your Relocation










When you start the relocation process it almost seems like the first "moving box" is filled automatically and right away. It contains nothing but a great mixture of different emotions and many "UNKNOWNS" that you are likely to carry with you until you have really arrived at your new destination and found a new, bigger comfort zone for yourself and your family.


                                          supports you to make this imaginary box as light as possible, so you are able to enjoy the various stages you go through. It´s a space for you to relax, structure, clarify, and make a "security check": If you want, we will reflect on how you "pack" yourself, your personality, your roots, your dreams, and then unpack them again, in a new environment.

If you ever go back to your old home for a visit or for good you will be a much richer person, rich of many unforgettable experiences, impressions and new perspectives.


You might have a very short time or several months to prepare for your relocation. Either way there are similarities that come with every move.

Knowing them, helps you to enjoy your adventure.

If you want to REDUCE STRESS, the most important things are no surprise:


1. take care of YOURSELF

2. ORGANIZE what you know so far

3. ENJOY the flight, pilot!


Yes, relocating might feel like a bumpy flight at times. But don´t let stressful times and challenges make you think there is no time for your SELF! Block 45 minutes, at least every two weeks for a Cockpit Coaching Session with me on Skype or over the phone. I recommend a time frame of 6 to 12 months, starting a few months before you move, if possible.

Also check in with yourself every morning to see what you need for today, to make your move FUN! I invite you to make a choice and make your relocation process a meaningful time in BALANCE, full of OPTIONS, and your VALUES lived, because that´s what keeps us close to who we truly are. What do you want to see on your snapshots at your new destination ?


For now let´s focus on TODAY.

What are you AWARE of today?

What does YOUR wall of snapshots look like today?





Not because you need it...  because YOU WANT IT!

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Internal Coaching Online

Next career step?  Divorces? Loss?  Curious to find more of yourself?


TRANSITIONCOACHING helps you keep the focus when you go through a transition, or experience change in your life. This could be work related, or not at all. It could mean the following: 


Finding a new job.

Maybe you are in your early stages of thinking to make a career change? Maybe you want to find a more fulfilling job according to your individual values? Want to find ways to deal with stress at work? Or maybe you know exactly where you want your career to go, you just dont know how to get there yet? I help you connect you to your LIFE PURPOSE, individual VALUES, inner strength and become more aware of how people view you and how to make that your ASSET. We will identify your core values and clarify strategies to highlight your individual strengths and potential. Depending on your goal, we´ll brainstorm on various channels, like social media networks or your own blog, that might be valuable to make a name for yourself and get the attention you aim for. We´ll look at who you need to be in order to get the job you truely want!


Finding yourself again. 

Maybe you are experiencing a change in your life that you did not see coming, or you are longing for one, and you feel that it´s finally time to act! Still, it´s really challenging. Eventhough you might not be able to see it right now, you have lots of potential for growth around you at the moment.  This period might have very painful aspects, but I´ll invite you to allow yourself that time of transition and also look forward to what´s next for you.

In Coaching Sessions it is all about YOU: you choose a topic, pace, how you want to be coached! I assist you to focus on your own goals, at your own pace, to find fulfillment in your business life! I will be you co-pilot on the way to you destination. As a Coach I focus on the WHOLE person. So even though we are working on your career, other areas in your life may play a role as well. We will use different exercises, visualizations and imaginary trips to prepare you with an individual tool box. I will motivate and challenge you and work with you on what you need. I am trained to listen on a deeper level and ask powerful questions, in order to support you the best way possible.