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Not because you need it... BECAUSE YOU WANT IT!

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TRY this exercise to get a better idea of what Coaching could be. If you want the real deal, SCHEDULE a first, free online one-on-one Coaching session with me.

Coco Decrouppe




This is your boarding pass for a 1-hour imaginary trial flight, i.e. COACHING SESSION. It`s a great opportunity to get to know each other and get a first feel for Cockpit Coaching. Bring one of your biggest goals or biggest fears to our coaching session. All sessions can take place over phone or via Skype!  TRY NOW  and connect with me to schedule this first Coaching Session!  Get ready for take off!


I am dedicated to empowering you to transform your life:

Get a ticket to your destinations!


TICKET what you get:



  • Step-by-step STRATEGY to reach your GOALS

  • Personalized TOOLS to live the best version of yourself


  • AWARENESS of your values, fulfillment and BALANCE

  • MOTIVATION, support and many "aha"

  • Understanding of your individual decision making process

  • EASY way to get coaching from your HOME/OFFICE

  • Skype or over the phone

  • SUMMARY of last coaching session by email

  • Exchange between sessions by email

  • A co-pilot by your side, on the way to YOUR DESTINATION 



           TICKET FEE and package: contact me here

         Typically two sessions per month.  Prepaid. Credit cards, PayPal or Paycheck.



Cockpit Coaching Session on Skype, LIfe Coaching Online, Motivation

Let´s design our WORKING ALLIANCE and build a FOUNDATION for our following coaching sessions.  You will get to experience personalized CONCEPTS that will help you connect to the strongest parts of your personality.


To get to your destinations without detours, we will work on steps that take you closer to your destination. As your copilot I will hold the FOCUS on our DESTINATIONSCHALLENGE and ASSIST you along the way with all SUPPORT you need! Yet YOU, as the pilot of your own life, sets the pace and decides how fast we reach your destinations!

I recommend coaching for at least 3 months (6 coaching sessions) to allow yourself to digest, breath and find a new comfort zone. Since change doesn´t happen over night and  turbulences may occur, we want to make sure we fasten our seatbelts and have a save flight to your desired destination.

I am looking forward to our imaginary flights together!


Ready for takeoff? Schedule a FREE TRIAL FLIGHT today.